מתמחים בתחום זכרונות מחשב גם בטווחי טמפרטורה תעשייתיים

זיכרונות DDR / DDR2 /DDR3 /DDR4

בפורמט DIMM, SODIMM  ו- Low Voltage.

זיכרונות לשרתים ECC.

טווח טמפרטורה רגיל ותעשייתי (-40 +85)

זיכרונות Flash בכל הפורמטים:

  • SSD 2.5”
  • mSATA
  • M.2
  • Micro SD
  • Compact Flash

פלאש מסוג SLC, MLC, Super MLC ו-TLC.
טווח טמפרטורה רגיל ותעשייתי (-40 +85)

Radion Engineering co.ltd was established in February 1947, before the establishment of the State of Israel.  Since its start the company has been actively representing, on an exclusive basis, leading manufacturers from around the world, in several areas of expertise, among them leading Electronic manufacturers.

Radion has been supplying electronic components and subsystems for a variety of applications since the start of the Electronic industry in Israel and is considered a leader in its field.

Radion also offers a diverse range of Power Supplies serving the Telecom, Industrial and Medical markets and has developed extensive expertise and specific know-how in the field of embedded computing system integration.
It can provide maintenance, repair and after-sales services.

Radion's main strength lies in its competent, highly qualified and dedicated staff.

Radion is ISO 9002 and ISO 13485 certified, since 1999.

Radion is located in a 1000 sq.m building in Petah-Tikva, in the vicinity of Tel Aviv, Israel, equipped with meeting rooms, offices, laboratory, storage facilities and over- the-counter sales' capabilities.

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Radion Engineering Co. Ltd – Corporate Headquarters
11 Ha’sivim St. P.O.B 7111 Petah-Tikvah 4959372 ISRAEL
General Contact: Tel: +972-3-9226688     Fax: +972-3-9226655    Email: elect@radion.co.il
Sales Info & Inquiries: Tel: +972-3-9371643
Schedule: Sunday – Thursday 08:00 AM to 18:00 PM


ISO 9001 – 2008-2018
ISO 13485 – 2019